Sunday, December 31, 2006



The Excecution of former iraqi leader Saddam Hussein


saddam hussein execution death hangging hanging muder killing iraq war humanity

But if we will Hang Saddam when we will hang his accomplices. I mean If I gave a gun to a gang banger who raped, robbed, and killed locals the law would come down on me. Maybe being a former Secretary of Defense has it's perks for the swine you armed and the mass murders YOU (mr Rumsfeld!) supported.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Just in time for the Holidays. And great even for us Goyim!

Well who could imagine cheap corporatization of a dead "alleged" lord and savior. (I think My lord died withing the last few years not centuries myself).

And the feasting of a dead animal carcus after some football could be so destructive towards my "blogging" time. (Sounds almost like exercise!)

Well it did kids. But I got a great seat for Easton vs P-burg, well actually no seats were provided for me. I had to stand, for 4 quaters on the easton sidelines. (Wo is me!) Yes, once again someone was brave enough to let me be a member of the "Liberal" Media (And making damn sure, with me there there was atleast A liberal in the national media that day!)

Thanks to Sports Overnight America for giving me that sweet gig. The pay was crappy but hey, I HAD THE BEST "SEAT" IN THE HOUSE! Big thanks to my main man, Patrick Maruo and his "Mini Me" Esten." Ofcourse I should now publicly appologize for falling asleep on the phone this past saturday where I was to give my report on the game. WOOPS!

Send me to another sporting even in PA and I promise I'll have more rest.

Well you must be wondering by now, "why the yiddish punchline in the title? Where is he going here?"

THIS is where I'm going (beyond madly insane)

A NEW GREAT BOOK FOR THE HOLIDAY, a perfect "Stocking Stuffer" for Christmas for the Goyims you love!

I mean we need better words to describe Bush & Co. as "Stupid Assholes", I mean YES they are but it would behoove us to sound more high brow than atleast Micheal Weiner and Sean Hannity as well!


Micheal "Savage" aka Micheal Weiner. 's son "GOLDENCLOUD" (aka founder of Rockstar energy Drinks DO NOT BUY THIS STUFF just google "Savage nation" to see who is profiting this shit!)

Says its "AWSOME!"

Don't worry Kiddies, I'll have a story on the Turkeyday game soon, as well as pics, and local politics return!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


My literary Hero!

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson on David Lettermans NBC show almost two decades ago.(Circa 1988)

After watching this you can see why I am SPIKE!


Slots open in Luzerne County to proff, SLOTS= BULLSHITGAMBLING!

Ok so what do I mean? Yeah sure slots are gambling but lets get real folks. A freaking quater at a time will not solve PA worries. If we want to fatten the tax base we need to get REAL! And not that Texas hold'em crap from Cable TV either. Oh no! When I think of what I would be most likely to spend money on, our lawmakers except in Vegas continue to keep Football tickets illegal.

What good is it doing keeping that racket in the hands of organized crime? Did the Gottis ever report their football money? Other than back in the day Mob/Football ticket money ran the Frank Rizzo campaigns it has stayed out of the hands of law makers.

If the door has been opend for slots we need to look beyond the AARP roll of quaters. Check out the WFMZ story that will be linked below at the bottom of this post. 25% of all the people who entered Mohegan Sun at pocono Downs had Walkers. I think some of the slots payed winners with geritole, denture cream, and depends!

It was very LACKING of folks under 60!!!!!! and the few were seemingly over 40!

If you want the BEST demo to go after. (Like the energy drink compaines, Honda, and the clothing world have found out) go for 18-30. MY demo is the WORST spenders. We just toss cash like its confetti at a rip taylor show. (Flaming Lips for those under 30!)

Now I just want NCAA Division 1-A and 1-AA games on tickets. No East Stroudsburg vs Wilkes. And NO Easton Red Rovers, or Pocono Mountain east! JUST top level college and Temple!

Also all NFL, and AFL should be fair game. Heck Eagles fans might force the team to win after the fan base loses the house by week two! If the wild fans in Pittsburg could gamble you think the Steelers would look so bad????

So here is my proposal. its time the city of Easton (whom has silly tax ideas like a moving Tax. Which askes a resident LEAVING Easton to pay up $10 to move out of the city, rarley is it ever paid.) should push our state rep and Senator to make the law allow football tickets. This town draws 5,000 - 9,000 for a rovers home game around the corner from me. You'd think a Division 1-AA Team was playing there! Trust me If half that crowd played a ticket for $5 a week, we could make a additional $1,000 a week in Tax!

Ofcourse the tax would be a percentage of every ticket played. So if someone plays $5 the city would take a $1 cut. Roughly. THEN if the person wins lets say $100 the city gets $10. And the rest has to be reported to the IRS. We would weaken organized crime and strengthen the money the city has at its disposal for floods, police, and other important services.

This is a football town, if the powers that be in Harrisburg think Gambaling is good, MAKE MY FOOTBALL TICKETS LEGAL! I wanna waste my extra cash on Football. I want to dump $25 on Lafayette over Lehigh! I want to put money in the tax base with out moving, speeding, drinking and driving, or littering!!!

So make football tickets legal would be one of my issues SHOULD I run for council.

Also if Harrisburg wants more money in the tax form. Legalize pot! Add a 25% sales tax to it. You'd be shocked how many people OVER 30 still smoke! And its not just 30-39 mind you. Plenty of law abiding citizens 40+ toke up daily. I've even met off duty members of law enforcement who admit as long as the person is not being an ass they just toss the weed and move on "its not dangerous enough to waste our time with real crime out there." was his quote.

So screw slots give us Football tickets and Weed.

we would have the BIGGEST SURPLUS in the union withing twelve months of passing the laws. Ofcourse the assholes who read their bibles from a high horse ( and buy meth from gay hookers, or are the Male anchors on WFMZ) ofcourse would try to block it to fit their narrow minded anti-christ agenda.

Lets not forget WFMZ did a half hour long special about bringing slots to PA last year. And it started with a message saying WFMZ does NOT support slots. (Which would clearly show them having an agenda as ANTI-slot, very fair and balanced coverage. they openly were NOT neutral!)

Friday, November 10, 2006


Easton water Bills!!!

Our water bill was rather high for two at times 3 people using the water here. I heard on eastonwatch many complaints of the newest bills being way too steep.

Please drop me a comment and let me know if you have the same problem!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


More to come from me now!

Don't think my blogs will go silent again like they did for most of 2006. oh no, I'm back with a vengance!

And anyone who read my posts last night can see, I'm ready to drap the Easton flag over the heads of Phil Mittman and Carole Heffley in Center square ala the Saddam statute the DOD staged some three years ago.

And my other blog will be running at full speed!

I'm working on a "GONZO-TORIAL" as you read this calling for her to NOT run again! I have heard over and over she is selling her house on college hill and is fleeing to the Carolinas. But I know she does own other properties in the area (including a rather questionable one in Wilson with a basement apartment that would FAIL Eastons land lord inspections!)

I was looking for a new place at the time and saw it myself! Between the mold and mildew and the LACK of windows I wonder how long till some poor bastard dies there god forbid.

Stay tuned Boys and Girls more to come!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Now that PA is done on to the WEST!

My good Freinds Bob Kincaid, Bruce Burch, and Jon Fox are staying up late at the Head On Radio network aka (H.O.R.N.).

Hopefully they will be joined soon by Mr Cup-a-joe from

You can hear the H.O.R.N. crowd live at

and again thanks to Bernie at

I'm so glad the Taxpayers at the Commonwealth of PA have spoken and told George W. Bush.


Also Evangelicals who prefer polls other than from Zogby and buying Meth from Male Escorts who only advertise in Gay publications while they preach "Anti-Gay Marriage" help!

However I fail to understand the self rightous yuppie dimwits from Conn!

They pushed Joe Loserman back in power.

But considering howmany Wall Street jerks live up there in the Butthole of New England, well what can I say other than I thank the good lord (should one excist) my folks moved to Tobyhanna, PA when I was a kid instead of Connland where they were first considering.

And ofcourse one more time NO MORE RICK "MAN ON DOG" SANTORUM!!!

He told his supporters that after today the voters of PA are "blessed" hell yeah we got that Gay hating WINGNUT OUT OF OFFICE.

PA played the role of Donald Trump and told Santorum, "Your Fired!"

Now for me here in Easton its on to Regime Change 2007!


I hope Carole dosn't run like the rumors are saying, but she is a power loving freak!

I just guarenteed she will continue to not ride the same elevator as me for 2007. And thank god, I hate the smell of Lame DUCK!


11PM Update from the Commonwealth of PA

Well it looks like everything is close to wrapped up here in PA. Aside from here in Jungleland (aka the 15th, had to refrence Born to Run at some point!)

The congress from PA will be rather BLUEISH!

"Funny we don't look blueish" is the old line.

I'm kinda sad it wasn't closer blowouts aare not as much fun as close races. BUT What the hell right?

Thanks to Bernie O'Hare and for plugging my freinds at the Head On radio Network. (but I did plug them a million times first! lol)

here are the numbers in time for the Daily Show.

US Congress, 7th PA District84% REPORTING
Sestak, Joe (D)

Weldon, Curt (R / Inc.)

PA 8th
Murphy (D) 50%
Fitzpatrick(R/I) 50%

PA 15th
Dent (R/I) 53%
Dertinger 44%
Brown a irrelevant 3%

"LIBERAL" Lois Murphy (D) 52%
Jim "Phone Spammer" Gerlach (R/I) 48%

Casey Jr (D) 60%
Rick "Man on dog" Santorum 40%

Worlds biggest iggles Phan ed Rendell (D/I) 61%
Lynn "had no chance in hell" Swann 39%


PA sets history today

With the landslide win of Bob Casey Jr. He is the FIRST Democrat since 1962 to be elected to serve a full term in the senate from PA!!!!!!!


as of 10:40 PM

C-Span reports a 45-45 tie between the GOP and Democrats for the Senate and a Democratic lead in the House.

It looks like the American voters are showing the bird to the administration in the form of major oveerthrow of the GOP.

Perhaps this will smake the GOP upside the head to FINALLY show Ronald Dumsfeld the door!


as of 10:40 PM

C-Span reports a 45-45 tie between the GOP and Democrats for the Senate and a Democratic lead in the House.

It looks like the American voters are showing the bird to the administration in the form of major oveerthrow of the GOP.

Perhaps this will smake the GOP upside the head to FINALLY show Ronald Dumsfeld the door!


Irish Echo article on Irish support

Thanks to the Irish Echo. Sadly they do not have Fitzpatrick's letter posted on their site

But they do list "Liberal" Lois Murphy in the article.

House of jitters

John Sweeney
Irish-American reps face voters in uneasy year
By Ray O'Hanlon
What's it about countries whose names begin with the ninth letter of the alphabet?
In New York, as the longtime conventional wisdom goes, anyone interested in a political career from City Council to State House to Congress is required to be up to speed on the "three I's."

Ireland, Israel and Italy have not gone away but they are being shouldered aside to one degree or another this year by Iraq.

So if you're an Irish-American politician with a lengthy pedigree on matters relevant to South Armagh, you would do well to be just as attentive to, and knowledgeable about, the recent bloody turn of events in the Southern Iraqi city of Amara, where British troops are to be found patrolling streets devastated by sectarian fighting in a country largely wrought by British cartography.

The potential political tsunami that is the Iraq war could have significant ramifications for Irish-American members of the House of Representatives on Nov. 7.

In what would pass for a normal election year, sitting members could generally rely on their very incumbency and a reasonable record on district issues to guarantee reelection.

This would still appear to be the case for Congressman Joe Crowley, one of the two Democratic co-chairs of the congressional Ad Hoc Committee for Irish Affairs.

Crowley is strongly favored to be returned without too much difficulty in his New York City district, the ethnically polyglot seventh, which is comprised of a collection of neighborhoods reaching from Queens into the Bronx.

Crowley is facing a Conservative Party candidate who has the backing of the local Republican Party, but few are taking bets against the man who heads the Queens County Democratic Party following the recent death of Tom Manton.

If Crowley's race looks like a bit of a breeze, Richard Neal has a hurricane behind his back. The Massachusetts Democrat, the other Ad Hoc co-chair, does not face any opponent at all.

Being in such enviable positions, at least from a strictly partisan point of view, Crowley and Neal do not have to look for lobbying and financial support to the likes of the Irish-American Democrats lobbying and fundraising group.

As such, the IAD is this political season free to focus on races it believes can help turn the present GOP House majority into a Democratic one.

Among the 15 Democratic challengers being backed by the Irish-American Democrats are three named Murphy: Lois Murphy in Pennsylvania's sixth district, Pat Murphy in that state's eighth, and Chris Murphy in Connecticut's fifth district.

By sharp contrast to the situation facing incumbents Crowley and Neal, and other Democratic House incumbents such as Brian Higgins in New York's upstate 27th district, 2006 is posing a range of more uphill tasks for Irish American Republican House members than might have been expected even just a year ago.

Ad Hoc Committee for Irish Affairs co-chairs Peter King and John Sweeney are both having to deal with viable Democratic challengers.

The same goes for Congressman Jim Walsh, longtime chairman of the Friends of Ireland group in Congress and the man behind the Walsh visa program.

Walsh is an 18-year incumbent who romped home in the 2004 race in New York's 25th District but who this time around faces a determined opponent in Democrat Dan Maffei, a onetime TV reporter who also has experience as a political backroom operator and press spokesman.

Walsh's district has a significant Irish-American population. Irish voters match German Americans at the top of the 25th's ethnicity table at 13.9 percent.

It is in tight races such as these that attention to the finer details can make a decisive difference on Election Day.

For Walsh, and other GOP Irish American House legislators, one detail that could prove crucial in races that are only a handful of percentage points apart is their response to a crop of questions being posed to all House and Senate candidates by the umbrella group, the Irish-American Unity Committee.

In late September, the group sent out a questionnaire asking candidates from both parties to outline their positions on a variety of issues of concern to Irish America.

The issues selected by the group include restoration of the elected devolved assembly and full implementation of the recommendations of the Independent Commission on Policing in the North; calls for a full, independent inquiry into the murder of Belfast attorney Pat Finucane; potential legislation which would exempt Irish nationals from deportation for convictions relating to the conflict in the North "who demonstrably present no threat to the safety and security of the United States."

The group also asked candidates to explain their positions on comprehensive immigration reform.

"As Irish Americans make their decisions in the days before the upcoming elections they want clarification from their potential elected officials on these issues," the committee said in a statement.

The committee is comprised of members from the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Americans for a New Irish Agenda, Brehon Law Society, Irish American Unity Conference, Irish Deportees of America Committee, Irish Northern Aid and the Irish Parades Emergency Committee.

One GOP House member who might want to get his replies in especially quickly is John Sweeney who represents the New York 20th House district. Sweeney, along with Peter King, is a Republican co-chair of the congressional Ad Hoc Committee.

Sweeney has a real battle on his hands, according to the Albany Times Union.

Back in may of this year, Sweeney told the Echo that he felt "very confident, very strong" about his candidacy. He did acknowledge at the time, however, that it was going to be a competitive year.

"Sweeney is among the Democrats' top targets this fall as they try to wrest control of the House from the GOP. He is facing the toughest re-election challenge of his congressional career from Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand," the Times Union reported in recent days.

Sweeney, though a co-chair of the Ad Hoc grouping, has a less obvious record on Irish issues than his GOP colleagues Jim Walsh and Peter King.

Observers, meanwhile, will be keeping a particular eye on King's battle to retain his seat on Long Island where he too faces a determined Democrat, Dave Mejias.

King, though he has incurred scorn from some Irish Americans for his current opposition to comprehensive immigration reform, has one of the longest running track records on issues of particular interest to Irish Americans, stretching as it does back to the 1980s when he was Nassau County Comptroller.

In addition, King has more money in his campaign coffers than his opponent and his district has a track record of being solidly Republican at the polls.

Still, it appears that even King, who chairs the house Homeland Security Committee, would be ill advised to take his race lightly.

"Political observers from both parties say this will be King's toughest challenge in years, though few expect Mejias, a Democrat and a two-term Nassau legislator from North Massapequa, to best the seven-term Seaford Republican," Newsday reported.

"King, 62, is a highly recognizable public figure and is viewed favorably by 57 percent of voters in his district, according to a poll conducted last year on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee," the paper added.

But that was last year. King, as will be the case with all his incumbent GOP colleagues, will be campaigning flat out until voting day.

Then it will be a matter of seeing where the dust, and a whole bunch of political careers, finally settle.


NEWEST CONGRESSIONAL Numbers in PA as of 10:25 PM!!!

6th District
"Liberal" Lois Murphy(D) 52%
Jim "Phone Spammer" Gerlach (R)48%

7% reporting

Joe Sestak (D)56%
Curt Weldon (R)44%
44% reporting

Patrick Murphy (D)52% over incumbent
Republican Micheal Fitzpatrick 48%
19% Reporting
*Note Fitzpatrick wrote a letter to the IRISH ECHO in hopes of winning the "Irish Vote"

Kanjorski(D) 74%
Lenoardi (R) 25%

Murtha 62%
Irey(R) 37%
PA's 10th
Carney (D) 55%
Sherwood 44%


as of 10:02PM!!!!

Santorum concedes!!!!

(sob sob)


bye Bye JACKASS!!!!


As of 10PM

on hold to report live on Head On Radio, BUT here are some new numbers

here in the Lehigh Valley with 60% Reporting in

Bush Appologist / Rubberstamper Charlie Dent leads Dertinger 52% to 45% Green party member Browne has 3% but with outher Dent would still be leading.

In the 16th Congressional District

Democrat Herr has a 69% lead over Incumbent Republican Pitts who has a mere 26% with 3% reporting in so far
and last I saw still Carney ovwer Sherwood 57% - 43%


I will be reporting LIVE on the Head On Radio Network!


as of 9:46 PM!!!!

Carney 57
Sherwood 43!!!!!

Also Both Weldon and Gerlunk losing to the dems 57% - 43% according to C-SPAN!!!!

STILL few reports on Bush appologist Dent!


as of 9:45 PM

US Congress, 6th PA District3% REPORTING
Murphy, Lois (D)

Gerlach, Jim (R / Inc.)

LOOKS LIKE DIRTY PHONE TACTICS HURT that sitting swine Gerlach. I'm still working on the newest 10 Congressional numbers and Mr Wife Cheating, Misstress beating Sherwood!


As of 9:30 PM

Ron "John Wayne Gacy" Angle admits ina typical WFMZ (Go GOP) interview on the 69 station "YES" Iraq and W has casused this backlash and also the Dems played the same card the GOP did in 1994 Hats off.


Also Reports have Menendez 52% over Kean 46% according to ABC TV!


as of 9:25

WFMZ Allentown Reports Weldon NOW LOSING!!!!

Sestak, Joe (D)

Weldon, Curt (R / Inc.)


Congress Race as of 9:15PM

Charlie Dent , the supposed independent republican. Other than stem Cells he too has been a rather hardline GOP Rubberstamp.

Barely leads 21,478 over 21,104. Greta Browne the waste of a vote joke the Greens proped up has over 1,000 votes.

I am NOT a Democrat but you have to wonder what those petrioly, and birkenstock wearing bastards will feel if they keep "Bush appologist" Dent in power to work for the GOP not YOU OR ME!


NaNaNaNa NaNaNaNa Hey hey hey goodbye!!!!

Early projections show Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum has been given his walking papers! I hope the door does HIT him squarly in the behind while he walks away!

Also good to see no Pittsburg Steelers will be running Harisburg!!!

I'm a Independent but would preferr Democrats to the GOP!!!!!

More posts to come tonight.

The only thing that will make me smile more is the day Carole Heffley leaves office!!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Attorney Generals Report!

Below is the States Press Release over the Death of Officer Sollman.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Attorney General Corbett announces findings of
grand jury investigation into the death of
Easton Police Officer Jesse Sollman

ALLENTOWN – Attorney General Tom Corbett today announced the findings of a grand jury investigation into the shooting death of Easton Police Officer Jesse Sollman.

Corbett said the grand jury found that Officer Matthew Renninger, the officer who shot Sollman on March 25, 2005, conducted himself in a negligent manner and directly caused the death of Officer Sollman.

The grand jury found that while Renninger’s actions were negligent, they did not rise to the level of criminal negligence or recklessness. They also found that the evidence and the surrounding circumstances of the shooting of Officer Sollman by Renninger demonstrate that the shooting was unintentional and without malice.

While the grand jury did not direct the Attorney General’s Office to issue a presentment of criminal charges against Renninger, they did issue a scathing 24- page Grand Jury Report of the deficiencies of the Easton Police Department.

Corbett said grand jurors made 11 findings which were highly critical of the Easton police facilities, the lack of training for police officers in handling weapons and the command structure within the police department.

The report also lists 10 specific recommendations to improve the operations of the Easton Police Department, including the termination of Officer Renninger.

Corbett said the Attorney General’s Office initiated an investigation into the death of Officer Jesse Sollman when District Attorney John Morganelli referred the case based on a potential conflict of interest.

Grand Jury Investigation

The Pennsylvania State Police initially investigated the shooting of Officer Sollman in July 2005, Corbett decided to place the investigation before a statewide investigating grand jury to further investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Officer Sollman.

During the course of the investigation the grand jury heard testimony from 23 current and former members of the Easton Police Department staff. Additionally, the grand jury reviewed testimony and evidence from: investigators with the Office of Attorney General; Pennsylvania State Police; City of Easton officials; plaintiffs’ attorneys, who have sued the City of Easton for alleged police misconduct; and defense attorneys who have defended the City of Easton in cases involving allegations of police misconduct.

The grand jury also reviewed evidence regarding: current and past training standards and regimens for the Easton Police Department; the practices, policies, standards and regulations pertaining to training and firearms safety for the Easton police; the command structure of the Easton police; the physical facilities for firearms safety and maintenance within the Easton police; and, evidence regarding policies, practices, standards and regulations of other law enforcement agencies pertaining to firearm training and safety.

The Death of Officer Sollman

The grand jury found that at approximately 3:05 p.m., Police Officers Renninger, Sollman and Robert Weber were together in the very small and cramped secondary gun cleaning room on the second floor of the Easton police headquarters cleaning an MP-5 submachine gun after spending most of the day at a firing range as members of the SWAT Team. Renninger returned the cleaned MP-5 to the main armory room and proceeded to the locker room area and unloaded his duty weapon, an H & K 40 caliber semi-automatic pistol, in preparation for cleaning the weapon.

Renninger returned to the secondary cleaning room and proceeded to break down and clean his duty weapon which was not loaded. Officers Sollman and Weber were still in the secondary room cleaning their own duty weapons. After Renninger finished cleaning and reassembling his weapon, Renninger left the secondary cleaning room at approximately 3:27 p.m. Renninger is viewed on an Easton security police video, walking down the hallway, towards the locker room, with his weapon in his left hand.

Renninger testified before the grand jury that at that time he proceeded to fully load his weapon in the locker room. He said he inserted12 rounds into the weapon’s magazine and placed a round into the chamber leaving the magazine with 11 rounds. He decocked the pistol causing it to be placed in double action. He removed the magazine and topped off the magazine with one additional round, again bringing the magazine to 12 rounds, reinserted the magazine into the pistol making the weapon fully loaded with 13 rounds.

Renninger stated that he then completed a “press check” which is slightly pulling back the slide of the pistol, exposing a portion of the round which allowed him to look into the chamber to determine if a round was actually chambered. He then put the weapon in an “off safe position,” which made the pistol ready to fire.

Renninger told the grand jury that he was about to put his weapon in his holster, which was hanging on a hook in his locker, when he noticed an off color smudge mark on the slide of the pistol.

Renninger returned to the secondary cleaning room where Officers Sollman and Weber were still cleaning their weapons and asked Sollman’s advice on how to remove the smudge mark. Renninger testified that Sollman told him to rub oil on it and that he then placed his weapon on safe, and laid it on the work counter. He sprayed an oily lubricant on a rag, picked up his weapon with his right hand, and proceeded to rub the oil on the slide of his weapon.

At this time, Weber was to Renninger’s immediate right, cleaning a weapon and Sollman was approximately three to four feet behind Renninger, at a separate work counter cleaning his own pistol. Renninger said that after he completed oiling the slide, he took his weapon “off safe” and began to turn to leave the room. He said he was holding the weapon in his right hand, at approximately stomach height, close to his body, with the barrel pointed downward at a six o’clock position.

Renninger said that he then backed up a step while looking in a downward direction, and turned in a counter-clock wise direction. He stated that unbeknownst to him, Sollman had changed position at the counter where he was working and had moved to a position closer to him. He said that prior to making any eye contact with Sollman, the back of his right hand struck some portion of either Sollman’s back or left arm, causing his weapon to become unstable in his hand. Renninger said that although the weapon became loose in his hand, it never left his hand. He simultaneously stepped back and re-gripped the weapon with his right hand to regain control. In regaining control of the weapon, Renninger somehow caused the weapon to be turned so that the barrel was pointed towards Sollman’s back. During this effort to re-grip and regain control of the weapon, Renninger inadvertently caused the weapon to fire.

Corbett said that the grand jurors did not accept Renninger’s recollection regarding how he held his weapon as he turned from the counter and collided with Sollman. Renninger’s belief that he was holding his weapon with the barrel pointed downward in a six o’clock position simply fails to comport with the physical evidence.

The grand jury heard evidence from the medical examiner and ballistician that when fired, the muzzle of Renninger’s weapon was 45 to 46 inches from the ground and pointed in a slightly upwards angle. The grand jury found that Renninger could not have been holding the weapon pointing downward at a six o’clock position when he came into contact with Officer Sollman.

Additionally, the grand jury believes it is possible that Renninger’s weapon had been accidentally placed into a single action when Renninger conducted the “press check” in the locker room prior to re-entering the secondary cleaning room. Putting the pistol in single action reduces the necessary pounds of pressure to fire the weapon from 9.8 to 4.2.

Firearm Safety Facilities

The grand jury found that the secondary cleaning room where Officer Sollman was shot by Renninger created an inherently dangerous situation due to its small size and limited floor space. The room, which is windowless and without ventilation, is only 7-feet 5-inches by 10-feet 1-inch and had previously been used for the storage of parking meters and road flares.

The cramped cleaning room also has a cabinet that extends 2-feet from the wall, a workbench that extends 2-feet 1-inch from the wall and a shelf that is three feet long and extends 1-foot from the wall, a trash can in the middle of the room and a chair.

Firearms Safety Training

The grand jury was unable to identify any training, conducted by the Easton Police Department, pertaining to the transport of weapons, loading and unloading of weapons, and cleaning of weapons while in the confines of the police headquarters.

The majority of officers questioned admitted that they had carried a loaded and unholstered weapon while within the police headquarters. Officers testified that it was not unusual to load and unload their weapons in the armory and secondary cleaning room while other officers were present. Many officers additionally testified that they had loaded and unloaded their weapons in the locker room or elsewhere within the police headquarters. One officer pointedly described their practices in loading and unloading their weapons as “a hodge podge.”

The grand jury found that individual officer preferences dictated whether officers carried their handguns inside headquarters with the safety on or off. A number of officers testified that they regularly kept their handguns with the safety off, capable of firing by a pull of the trigger. While no officer testified that he had ever dismantled and cleaned a loaded weapon, the majority of those questioned stated that they had “wiped down” their department issued firearms while in a loaded condition.

Easton Police Department Policies, Procedures and Rules

The grand jury found that not a single Easton Police officer who testified before them was able to identify any formal written policies, procedures, rules or regulations that existed regarding: the carrying and transport of firearms within the police headquarters; the cleaning of weapons; the loading or unloading of weapons; when and where to engage or disengage the safety on a weapon; and, when and where weapons can, or should, be unholstered.

Many officers who testified flatly stated that no written policies existed or had, to their knowledge, ever existed. Several officers testified that there had been a written manual containing departmental policies and procedures in the past, but these had been collected years ago and never reissued.

Attorney General’s agents and State Police could only find a single page of written policy from the Easton police regarding the safe handling of firearms.

The grand jury heard testimony about a prior discharge of a firearm within the police headquarters in 2001, when an officer accidentally discharged his handgun while loading it in the main armory. No one was injured and following the incident, safety barrels containing sand were placed in two locations in the headquarters building. A memo was issued, on Nov. 21, 2001, directing all police officers to load weapons while pointing the weapon muzzles into these barrels full of sand, however, the memo does not mention the unloading of weapons.

Testimony by officers before the grand jury found that the issuance of this memo was a one-time event and was never followed by any training or enforcement. Indeed, a number of officers testified that they were either unaware of the existence of this memo or did not believe it was mandatory. None of the officers questioned could recollect a single time when an officer had been reprimanded or disciplined for failure to comply with this memo or any other firearm safety standard. Testimony about the import of this memo was so varied and contradictory that it is clear it had little, if any, impact on the actual practices of the police officers.

As with training, the Easton Police Department relied solely on the personal experience and habits of each individual officer to maintain firearm safety within the police headquarters.

The grand jury received testimony and evidence regarding the written firearm safety policies and procedures employed by the Office of Attorney General and the Pennsylvania State Police. Additionally, the grand jury reviewed the written firearms safety standards recommended by the National Rifle Association. All of these written standards included provisions for the safe handling, transportation and cleaning of firearms. These written standards also included specific regulations for the handling of firearms within law enforcement facilities.

Command of the Easton Police Department

The grand jury found a significant series of failures in the past and current leadership of the Easton Police Department regarding deficiencies in the Easton police firearms facilities, firearms safety training and firearms safety standards.

The grand jury found no credible evidence that the past or current leadership of the Easton police attempted to remedy, or were even aware of, the firearms safety deficiencies that existed in the department.

The testimony of, and regarding, those in the command structure, now and in the past, demonstrated little effort to establish or enforce safety standards or standards of conduct for police officers. The grand jury found that some in the command structure appeared unwilling to acknowledge or unable to comprehend the gravity of these safety concerns.

Even following the 2001 accidental discharge of a firearm within the armory, the grand jury found that no significant efforts were made to establish or ensure firearm safety standards.

The grand jury found that many of the current and former members of the Easton police command structure provided self serving testimony regarding safety practices and safety standards that were clearly inconsistent with the other evidence received and reviewed by the grand jury.

The Culture of the Easton Police Department

As part of their investigation, the grand jury heard testimony about some of the past instances of police misconduct committed by members of the Easton police. The City of Easton has, since 2002, paid in excess of $4.4 million in civil settlements and verdicts as a result of police misconduct. This misconduct was not limited to individual acts by police officers but included concerted acts and decisions by police officers and members of the command structure.

The grand jury heard testimony involving Easton resident John Cuvo who was targeted by Easton police officers in a written directive by former Captain John Mazzeo despite the fact that Cuvo had not committed a crime. As a result of John Mazzeo’s directive, Cuvo, while driving his car, was stopped, arrested and beaten by Easton police officers. The grand jury found no evidence that disciplinary action was taken against the officers involved in this misconduct. In a lawsuit brought by Cuvo, he received approximately $2.5 million in a settlement from the City of Easton.

The grand jury also heard testimony regarding the SWAT unit and its membership and found that members of this unit viewed its membership as elite and distrusted any members of the command structure who had not previously been SWAT members. Some members of this unit employed a wolf’s head logo as part of the unit culture.

A number of officers, both SWAT and non-SWAT members, testified before the grand jury about their growing animosity toward then - Chief Stephen Mazzeo and his attempts at department reforms. Many viewed such reforms as a threat to the SWAT unit and the degree of independence its members appeared to enjoy.

The grand jury also heard a litany of complaints by officers who professed personal grievances against, and disagreements with the command structure. Most officers questioned appeared primarily concerned with their own interests and the preservation of a status quo that does not include accountability for misconduct.

The grand jury discerned little recognition by Easton police officers of their duties as public servants, standard bearers of the law and as protectors of the Easton community.

The grand jury found that none of the recent events, from the episodes of police misconduct to the death of Officer Sollman, appear to have caused any reflection or recognition by officers about the need for reforms within the department.

Grand Jury Findings

1. The secondary cleaning room created an inherently dangerous situation due to its small size and limited floor space.

2. There was no effort by the Easton Police Department to train its officers in the employment of appropriate safety standards while handling weapons within the Easton Police Department Headquarters. Instead, the Department relied upon the personal habits and judgment of each individual officer.

3. The absence of written standards for the handling, transportation and cleaning of firearms within the Easton Police Department facilities is entirely inconsistent with the standard operating procedures of law enforcement agencies.

4. In addition to the absence of adequate written safety standards there is an absence of an enforced code of conduct for Easton police officers. While some written policies exist, we conclude that they are largely unknown and rarely enforced. There is no recognized manual of standards, policies and regulations provided to the officers of the Easton Police Department.

5. The command structure of the Easton Police Department, at all levels, failed to identify and remedy obvious deficiencies in safety standards and practices. Command failed to enforce the limited policies that did exist. Command has also failed to establish and enforce clear standards of conduct for Easton police officers.

6. Officer Renninger possessed and transported his unholstered, fully loaded pistol in the secondary cleaning room with the safety disengaged.

7. Officer Renninger allowed the weapon’s muzzle to be pointed parallel to the floor at the time of its discharge.

8. Officer Renninger allowed the weapon’s muzzle to be pointed in very close proximity to a fellow officer’s body, 45” to 46” from the floor.

9. Officer Renninger allowed his trigger finger to slip behind the trigger guard of his weapon.

10. Officer Renninger applied between 4.2 and 9.8 pounds of pressure to the trigger of his service pistol causing the weapon to fire.

11. The projectile struck Officer Sollman in the back causing his death.

Grand Jury Recommendations

1. Adequate firearms safety facilities must be provided for the unloading, cleaning and loading of all weapons. Such facilities must provide adequate space for individual officers to safely unload, clean and reload weapons. The facilities must also include a sufficient number of safety barrels to ensure that every weapon is loaded and unloaded with the use of such barrels. Cameras should also be installed and maintained in all firearm safety facilities. These cameras will ensure compliance and assist in identifying those officers who fail to adequately meet required safety standards.

2. Regular training should be conducted of all Easton police officers regarding the safe handling of firearms within the Headquarters Building. Such training should include instructions as to the appropriate method of handling firearms while transporting and cleaning them within the Headquarters. Additionally, the training should specify the locations where firearms can be unholstered for cleaning, and should include specific safety standards and checks that must be observed before, during and after each unloading, cleaning and loading.

3. The Easton Police Department should immediately adopt strict written firearm safety standards.

4. The written firearm safety standards adopted by the Easton Police Department should, at a minimum, require: transportation of only unloaded firearms (with slide, bolt or action open) to and from adequate weapons cleaning rooms; no ammunition permitted in cleaning rooms; the mandatory use of safety barrels for the loading and unloading of all weapons; a prohibition on cleaning or handling loaded weapons for any purpose not specifically authorized; all loaded weapons in the headquarters must be in a department approved holster or stored in a locked and secured location; written adoption of the “finger, muzzle, partner” safety standard (requiring that every police officer holding a weapon maintain clear control, and recognition, of the location of his trigger finger, the location of his weapon muzzle and the location of his partner, at all times); the proper and safe storage of any weapon not being worn or carried by a police officer; safety inspections of all weapons in compliance with firearm safety regulations; and, disciplinary provisions for any and all violations of written firearm safety standards.

5. Specific personnel should be appointed and trained as firearms safety inspectors. They should be tasked with conducting safety inspections to ensure compliance with all firearms safety standards.

6. The Easton Police Department must establish clear standards of conduct, rules and regulations to be adhered to by all Easton police officers. These standards must also include consequences for compliance failures and enforcement provisions for the discipline and removal of officers who violate the standards of conduct. A manual of these standards should be issued to each police officer and regularly reviewed and updated. Each officer should certify, annually, that he possesses this manual and is aware of its contents.

7. The City of Easton should seek and employ a Chief of Police who is independent of, and without prior affiliation to, the Easton Police Department. This new Chief of Police should be hired and tasked with the reform of the Easton Police Department. His clear mission should be to establish strict standards for the assurance of integrity, community service and public safety by the police officers of the Easton Police Department. The new Chief of Police should be empowered to select and employ only those captains, lieutenants and sergeants who recognize the necessity for reform, and who will ensure the enforcement of the standards of conduct.

8. The Grand Jury recommends an effort to increase citizen participation in the oversight of the Easton Police Department. It further recommends that a group of citizens, who are not currently connected to the Easton Police Department, be selected to advise the Mayor and City Council of the Easton Police Department regarding the search and retention of a new Chief of Police.

9. The establishment of an internal affairs unit under the direct supervision of the Chief of Police. All allegations of misconduct shall be disclosed to the Mayor.

10. The negligence and errors of judgment of Officer Matthew Renninger in this matter should result in the termination of his employment as an Easton Police Officer.


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