Monday, March 13, 2006


Latest Rant on Carole Heffley's POOR LEADERSHIP!!!

Carole Heffley talks a big talk, but lately she has NOT walked the big walk!!!

As the quote "Voice" of "Public Saftey" I fail to see her EFFECTIVENESS as a leader!

Under her watchfull leadership Easton has been Disgraced by bad PR from Jack Cuvo, to the Tragic death of Jesse Soloman, the investigation that showed Protocol was not followed in Easton, PD HQ for loading and unloading firearms. The fireing of Police Chief Mazzo and the intrim leadership of MAYOR MITTMAN (WHO SHOULD NOT BE INCHARGE OF THE POLICE), the Mayor shutting down the SWAT team, and oh yes a member of Easton PD who LOST his LOADED Service Pistol, ON-DUTY at Lone Star in Palmer Township Which is NOT in the CITY LIMITS)!

And What can the People of Easton show for this..................
Close your eyes kids, and you'll see all the Carole Heffley has done to make Easton SAFE!

Easton, PA

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