Tuesday, November 07, 2006


11PM Update from the Commonwealth of PA

Well it looks like everything is close to wrapped up here in PA. Aside from here in Jungleland (aka the 15th, had to refrence Born to Run at some point!)

The congress from PA will be rather BLUEISH!

"Funny we don't look blueish" is the old line.

I'm kinda sad it wasn't closer blowouts aare not as much fun as close races. BUT What the hell right?

Thanks to Bernie O'Hare and http://lehighvalleyramblings.blogspot.com for plugging my freinds at the Head On radio Network. (but I did plug them a million times first! lol)

here are the numbers in time for the Daily Show.

US Congress, 7th PA District84% REPORTING
Sestak, Joe (D)

Weldon, Curt (R / Inc.)

PA 8th
Murphy (D) 50%
Fitzpatrick(R/I) 50%

PA 15th
Dent (R/I) 53%
Dertinger 44%
Brown a irrelevant 3%

"LIBERAL" Lois Murphy (D) 52%
Jim "Phone Spammer" Gerlach (R/I) 48%

Casey Jr (D) 60%
Rick "Man on dog" Santorum 40%

Worlds biggest iggles Phan ed Rendell (D/I) 61%
Lynn "had no chance in hell" Swann 39%

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