Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Just in time for the Holidays. And great even for us Goyim!

Well who could imagine cheap corporatization of a dead "alleged" lord and savior. (I think My lord died withing the last few years not centuries myself).

And the feasting of a dead animal carcus after some football could be so destructive towards my "blogging" time. (Sounds almost like exercise!)

Well it did kids. But I got a great seat for Easton vs P-burg, well actually no seats were provided for me. I had to stand, for 4 quaters on the easton sidelines. (Wo is me!) Yes, once again someone was brave enough to let me be a member of the "Liberal" Media (And making damn sure, with me there there was atleast A liberal in the national media that day!)

Thanks to Sports Overnight America for giving me that sweet gig. The pay was crappy but hey, I HAD THE BEST "SEAT" IN THE HOUSE! Big thanks to my main man, Patrick Maruo and his "Mini Me" Esten." Ofcourse I should now publicly appologize for falling asleep on the phone this past saturday where I was to give my report on the game. WOOPS!

Send me to another sporting even in PA and I promise I'll have more rest.

Well you must be wondering by now, "why the yiddish punchline in the title? Where is he going here?"

THIS is where I'm going (beyond madly insane)

A NEW GREAT BOOK FOR THE HOLIDAY, a perfect "Stocking Stuffer" for Christmas for the Goyims you love!

I mean we need better words to describe Bush & Co. as "Stupid Assholes", I mean YES they are but it would behoove us to sound more high brow than atleast Micheal Weiner and Sean Hannity as well!


Micheal "Savage" aka Micheal Weiner. 's son "GOLDENCLOUD" (aka founder of Rockstar energy Drinks DO NOT BUY THIS STUFF just google "Savage nation" to see who is profiting this shit!)

Says its "AWSOME!"

Don't worry Kiddies, I'll have a story on the Turkeyday game soon, as well as pics, and local politics return!!!!

yeah the Image host for GOLDENCLOUD has yanked the pic. Just take my word Savages kid looks like Clay Aiken (On an Aircraft carrier!)
Oy gavalt
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