Wednesday, November 08, 2006


More to come from me now!

Don't think my blogs will go silent again like they did for most of 2006. oh no, I'm back with a vengance!

And anyone who read my posts last night can see, I'm ready to drap the Easton flag over the heads of Phil Mittman and Carole Heffley in Center square ala the Saddam statute the DOD staged some three years ago.

And my other blog will be running at full speed!

I'm working on a "GONZO-TORIAL" as you read this calling for her to NOT run again! I have heard over and over she is selling her house on college hill and is fleeing to the Carolinas. But I know she does own other properties in the area (including a rather questionable one in Wilson with a basement apartment that would FAIL Eastons land lord inspections!)

I was looking for a new place at the time and saw it myself! Between the mold and mildew and the LACK of windows I wonder how long till some poor bastard dies there god forbid.

Stay tuned Boys and Girls more to come!

I'm linking to you, bippy. You're getting too frickin'interesting.
wha me? Interesting? lol

I may even have press credentials for the Easton Pburg game.

If I do this blog will have an interesting series of articles.
Temper it Spike. Remeber m o d e r a t i o n. Don't let the message overshadow the message. You have to decide at some point is it 90% message or is it 90% entertainment.

We could use a good man like you. But the message has to come first. Give it some thought.

Your Neighbor
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