Tuesday, November 07, 2006


NEWEST CONGRESSIONAL Numbers in PA as of 10:25 PM!!!

6th District
"Liberal" Lois Murphy(D) 52%
Jim "Phone Spammer" Gerlach (R)48%

7% reporting

Joe Sestak (D)56%
Curt Weldon (R)44%
44% reporting

Patrick Murphy (D)52% over incumbent
Republican Micheal Fitzpatrick 48%
19% Reporting
*Note Fitzpatrick wrote a letter to the IRISH ECHO in hopes of winning the "Irish Vote"

Kanjorski(D) 74%
Lenoardi (R) 25%

Murtha 62%
Irey(R) 37%
PA's 10th
Carney (D) 55%
Sherwood 44%

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