Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Now that PA is done on to the WEST!

My good Freinds Bob Kincaid, Bruce Burch, and Jon Fox are staying up late at the Head On Radio network aka (H.O.R.N.).

Hopefully they will be joined soon by Mr Cup-a-joe from http://cupojoe.blogspot.com

You can hear the H.O.R.N. crowd live at http://www.headonradionetwork.com

and again thanks to Bernie at http://lehighvalleyramblings.blogspot.com

I'm so glad the Taxpayers at the Commonwealth of PA have spoken and told George W. Bush.


Also Evangelicals who prefer polls other than from Zogby and buying Meth from Male Escorts who only advertise in Gay publications while they preach "Anti-Gay Marriage" help!

However I fail to understand the self rightous yuppie dimwits from Conn!

They pushed Joe Loserman back in power.

But considering howmany Wall Street jerks live up there in the Butthole of New England, well what can I say other than I thank the good lord (should one excist) my folks moved to Tobyhanna, PA when I was a kid instead of Connland where they were first considering.

And ofcourse one more time NO MORE RICK "MAN ON DOG" SANTORUM!!!

He told his supporters that after today the voters of PA are "blessed" hell yeah we got that Gay hating WINGNUT OUT OF OFFICE.

PA played the role of Donald Trump and told Santorum, "Your Fired!"

Now for me here in Easton its on to Regime Change 2007!


I hope Carole dosn't run like the rumors are saying, but she is a power loving freak!

I just guarenteed she will continue to not ride the same elevator as me for 2007. And thank god, I hate the smell of Lame DUCK!

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