Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Slots open in Luzerne County to proff, SLOTS= BULLSHITGAMBLING!

Ok so what do I mean? Yeah sure slots are gambling but lets get real folks. A freaking quater at a time will not solve PA worries. If we want to fatten the tax base we need to get REAL! And not that Texas hold'em crap from Cable TV either. Oh no! When I think of what I would be most likely to spend money on, our lawmakers except in Vegas continue to keep Football tickets illegal.

What good is it doing keeping that racket in the hands of organized crime? Did the Gottis ever report their football money? Other than back in the day Mob/Football ticket money ran the Frank Rizzo campaigns it has stayed out of the hands of law makers.

If the door has been opend for slots we need to look beyond the AARP roll of quaters. Check out the WFMZ story that will be linked below at the bottom of this post. 25% of all the people who entered Mohegan Sun at pocono Downs had Walkers. I think some of the slots payed winners with geritole, denture cream, and depends!

It was very LACKING of folks under 60!!!!!! and the few were seemingly over 40!

If you want the BEST demo to go after. (Like the energy drink compaines, Honda, and the clothing world have found out) go for 18-30. MY demo is the WORST spenders. We just toss cash like its confetti at a rip taylor show. (Flaming Lips for those under 30!)

Now I just want NCAA Division 1-A and 1-AA games on tickets. No East Stroudsburg vs Wilkes. And NO Easton Red Rovers, or Pocono Mountain east! JUST top level college and Temple!

Also all NFL, and AFL should be fair game. Heck Eagles fans might force the team to win after the fan base loses the house by week two! If the wild fans in Pittsburg could gamble you think the Steelers would look so bad????

So here is my proposal. its time the city of Easton (whom has silly tax ideas like a moving Tax. Which askes a resident LEAVING Easton to pay up $10 to move out of the city, rarley is it ever paid.) should push our state rep and Senator to make the law allow football tickets. This town draws 5,000 - 9,000 for a rovers home game around the corner from me. You'd think a Division 1-AA Team was playing there! Trust me If half that crowd played a ticket for $5 a week, we could make a additional $1,000 a week in Tax!

Ofcourse the tax would be a percentage of every ticket played. So if someone plays $5 the city would take a $1 cut. Roughly. THEN if the person wins lets say $100 the city gets $10. And the rest has to be reported to the IRS. We would weaken organized crime and strengthen the money the city has at its disposal for floods, police, and other important services.

This is a football town, if the powers that be in Harrisburg think Gambaling is good, MAKE MY FOOTBALL TICKETS LEGAL! I wanna waste my extra cash on Football. I want to dump $25 on Lafayette over Lehigh! I want to put money in the tax base with out moving, speeding, drinking and driving, or littering!!!

So make football tickets legal would be one of my issues SHOULD I run for council.

Also if Harrisburg wants more money in the tax form. Legalize pot! Add a 25% sales tax to it. You'd be shocked how many people OVER 30 still smoke! And its not just 30-39 mind you. Plenty of law abiding citizens 40+ toke up daily. I've even met off duty members of law enforcement who admit as long as the person is not being an ass they just toss the weed and move on "its not dangerous enough to waste our time with real crime out there." was his quote.

So screw slots give us Football tickets and Weed.

we would have the BIGGEST SURPLUS in the union withing twelve months of passing the laws. Ofcourse the assholes who read their bibles from a high horse ( and buy meth from gay hookers, or are the Male anchors on WFMZ) ofcourse would try to block it to fit their narrow minded anti-christ agenda.

Lets not forget WFMZ did a half hour long special about bringing slots to PA last year. And it started with a message saying WFMZ does NOT support slots. (Which would clearly show them having an agenda as ANTI-slot, very fair and balanced coverage. they openly were NOT neutral!)

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Gambling is profit off of other people's losses.

I gamble occassionally, but I am not a fan of State sanctioned growth of gambling and gaudy Casinos.

Just like with my politics, I desire balance. The il-effects of gambling demand that we pay close attention to the way we sanction it.

We still have to live here. And some of us choose to raise our children here.
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